Callanish Calanais Standing Stones and others


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Callanish Standing stones


The Isle of Lewis has many fine examples of stone circles, standing stones, monoliths and ironage constructions.  We have selected just a small sample of the many available and put links onto pages that have been written by people with expert knowledge.  We have constructed a map which will give a rough guide to their locations.  We must emphasise that these locations are only approximate and the detailed information should be gained from each linked page.


The most important series of stones is around the area of Callanish.  At Callanish there is a visitors' centre that provides detailed information.  The centre is open all summer, except for Sundays, however, the centre was only opened for limited days during the winter.   A check on opening hours for the visitor's centre is required.  The stone site itself is always able to be visited.  The Callanish centre has a cafe and also, there is an alternative Blackhouse tearoom close to the northern edge of the site which is open during the summer months.


Callanish has three sets of stone circles all within a few miles of each other (view map for approximate location of Callanish 1  Callanish 2 Callanish 3


Dr Robert Pollock probably has the most comprehensive online resource for standing stones of the west coast of Scotland.  It is, therefore, to his website called 'Stones of Wonder' that we most frequently link.  We have also linked to for information about Callanish.


Calanais (Callanish   by Stones of Wonder


Clach an Truisheal  by Stones of Wonder


Cul a'Chleit  by Stones of Wonder


Airigh na Beinne Bige  by Stones of Wonder


Airigh nam Bidearan  by Stones of Wonder



Youtube amature video of the stones.  Useful to get and idea of scale