Shawbost Norse Mill and Kiln

Shawbost Norse Mill and Kiln

is a short walk from the main A858 near Shawbost next to Loch Roinavat is a renovated pair of thatched buildings used in past times to process barley grain into meal.  The Corn Mill and kiln were in use right up till the 1930’s, showing its useful location

The Norse Mill and Kiln buildings give a very rare glimpse into the Scandinavian past of Lewis. The mill was powered by water from the stream from the nearby Loch Roinavat.

The Mill and Kiln was restored and re built in the late 1960’s and worked on again in 1995 by the same expert stone mason that renovated the Bostah Beach house

The path to the Mill is good and well maintained, as are the buildings.

The Norse Mill and Kiln is built right up to the stream so that the mill paddles could be powered by the stream from Loch Roinavat

Some of the equipment of milling has been re produced and sits inside the buildings and it is advised to take a torch for both safety and to see the artefacts.  There are no toilet facilities on site.

The two building serve two different purposes, the Kiln is, as it describes, is a drying room with a raised stone floor and fire pit underneath to prepare the corn for milling. This building is on the right as you approach.

The other building on the left, has a mill laid running through the middle of the building to drive the paddles and mill wheel.  The two stones rotated and also moved a feed hopper to drop grain onto the rotating wheels

If you are interested in Mills, then Latta’s mill in the grounds of Lews Castle is well worth a visit.