A selection of areas of interest around Lewis


Back and North Tolsta

This area lies along the B895 to the north east of Stornoway, along the coast. Read more



A 857 to Ness (Nis) Northwards from Barvas, this route has many small art based businesses, ranging from potteries and art galleries to several first class photographers. Read more



Stornoway is the main port on the Island, due to its sheltered location with the ferry to Ullapool a regular visitor. The sheltered harbour is the reason for Stornoway's existence and was named by the visiting Vikings "Steering Bay" which, when phonetically translated, became the name Stornoway. Read more



The area lies to the south west corner of the Isle of Lewis. The area is known for its amazing vast strand of shell beach and the site where the Lewis Chessmen were discovered. Read more


Isle of Great Bernera

At Bosta in the north west, the island has a wonderful beach, and an 'iron age' village. One of the Iron Age houses has been superbly rebuilt, and entry is available during the summer. Read more



Lochs is the area of Lewis to the south east of Lewis and is divided into three sections: Kinloch, North and South Lochs. Read more