The Stornoway Smokehouse

Stornoway Smokehouse

The Stornoway Smokehouse is the oldest in all the islands and has one of the last brick kilns remaining anywhere and is Stornoway's premier supplier of smoked fish, kippers, salmon, and shellfish. As well known traditional fish smokers, we can supply you with the best in traditional smoked fish.

Located in Shell Street, Stornoway, the old centre of the herring industry, Stornoway Fish Smokers is the last of the traditional kippering houses on the island and one of the few remaining on the west coast of Scotland.

Seasoned by decades of use, we cure in it our flagship product, Stornoway Double Smoked Salmon, which we export widely.

In our shop, we also sell our Famous Stornoway Kippers and a wide range of other smoked delicacies.
We will be glad, when possible, to show our customers round when the kilns are working. Just ask! 

Tel: 01851 702723