General Information

General Information

About history, phone numbers, areas of Lewis, The Explore Outer Hebrides Guide and much more. The links below go through to the main sections of information.

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Callanish Standing Stones information

History of the Isle of Lewis

The story of the Isle of Lewis is steeped in both history and mystery. Man has inhabited Leodhas, meaning marshy, for probably 5000 years. The Standing Stones and Stone Circles bear witness to this early occupation, as do the Iron Age forts and archaeological sites scattered around the Island. Read more

Sundays on Lewis

Sundays on the Isle of Lewis

Sundays are a very special day on both The Isle of Lewis and Harris, in that, virtually all commercial activity ceases and a large proportion of the population attends church. This makes the character of the islands very 'different' from the hustle and bustle of most mainland areas on a Sunday. Read more

Information about getting to the Isle of Lewis

How to get to the Isle of Lewis

Travel to the Western Isles is either by ferry or by air and buses and ferries between islands. Read more

useful telephone information

Useful Telephone numbers

To see a list of the main numbers to contact for information or help, we have compiled a short list, with links to other more complete lists.  READ MORE