Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens

There are not particularly many parks and gardens due to the difficult climate, particularly strong winds.

The two examples below are quite exceptional and well worth a visit.

Leathad Ard Gardens

Leathad Ard Open Gardens Charity

Our 1 acre sloping garden with stunning views over East Loch Roag has evolved along with the shelter hedges into a hidden oasis of colour all summer long. We open from 10 -6 every day except Sunday. Our main season is from 15th May to the end of August but outside those dates we would appreciate a call first to arrange a suitable time. Read more

The woodland parks and gardens cafe

Lews Castle parks and gardens

The castle has a large woodland area of mixed trees, which is a rarity for the Island, with its high winds and acid soil.

The Castle Grounds therefore are a wonderful place to go for a walk on well maintained paths and roads.

The Grounds also are the location of Latta's Mill, so named after a miller called John Latta, who died there after an accident in 1834

The woodland cafe is on the Stornoway side of the park and is a good place to have a relaxing cup of tea or coffe

There is an 18-hole golf course also adjacent to the castle adding even more recreational area.

Ness Play park

Play parks

Almost every village has its play area and they are all of a high standard.

One of the best  play parks is in the north at Eorpie, Ness, and this park is certainly worth a visit!   The range of climbing, crawling and swinging is almost endless and all amongst the dunes.  Read more